I’m here to help you and your dog learn to understand one another, and enjoy yourselves along the way.


I use positive reinforcement and science based methods of training. This involves using rewards to encourage the behaviors and emotional states we’d like to see more of from your dog. These preferred responses replace the ones we’re not so crazy about.

We want to keep your dog working to gain reinforcement (Treats! Praise! Toys!), not working to avoid punishment. This creates sustained behavioral wellness and change.


For dog behavior to change, human behavior needs to change.  You’ll understand what we’re doing and why so that you and your dog are both set up for success.

We’ll develop an individualized plan that suits your needs and priorities. I’ll be there for you along the way to talk through your questions and provide coaching.

We wish we had called Emily sooner! She’s smart, patient, and has a passion for what she does like no other. Our relationship with our dog Murphy is so much better because of her work with him. He was impossible to walk (he picked up literally everything from the ground), and it was beyond frustrating. In just 3 weeks, Emily taught Murphy (and us!) alternative behaviors, so we’re finally able to enjoy our walks with Murphy. Thank you for everything, Emily!


JM & Michael

Working with Emily has given us the knowledge and confidence to form a wonderful relationship with our pup, Shuggie.  Emily is well-versed in canine behaviorism and development. She answers our questions with compassion for us as new puppy parents and for our little fur baby. She maintains a big picture philosophy that helps us consider Shuggie’s perspective.   Emily is congenial, professional and understanding, which has made working with her an absolute pleasure!

Ashley & Danny