Emily was a huge help when I got my puppy, Parker. She taught him really important basics and worked with me on what I should be doing outside of the training sessions to further his development. Parker can be all over the place at times, and Emily was extremely patient and flexible. I don’t know what we would have done without her!


Emily is a lovely person with a special gift for training dogs. We reached out to her when Bing was 2 months old, and we were first time puppy parents. Emily taught Bing basic obedience and helped us understand what normal puppy behavior looked like, and how to manage it. Any puppy would be lucky to have her!

Eric & Anna

Emily is helping my pup, Oliver, to slowly but surely climb out of his socially anxious little shell. It’s been amazing to learn what’s going on in his head with her! She’s patient, encouraging, and a pleasure to work with. Ollie and I are thrilled to have Emily on our team!


Emily was able to advise me in a single coaching session on how to adjust Weston’s negative feelings about car rides. She’s extremely knowledgable, and a fantastic teacher. She empowered me to work with Weston on my own in new ways that helped alleviate his phobia!



Working with Emily on Roxy’s leash reactivity was a fantastic and fun experience! Roxy made huge strides in building her confidence and reducing her anxiety on walks while I learned how to read her body language and anticipate her needs. I highly recommend Emily – she’s smart, warm, reliable, and super patient with both dogs and people.


Working with Emily has given us the knowledge and confidence to form a wonderful relationship with our pup, Shuggie.  Emily is well-versed in canine behaviorism and development. She answers our questions with compassion for us as new puppy parents and for our little fur baby. She maintains a big picture philosophy that helps us consider Shuggie’s perspective.   Emily is congenial, professional and understanding, which has made working with her an absolute pleasure!

Ashley & Danny

We wish we had called Emily sooner! She’s smart, patient, and has a passion for what she does like no other. Our relationship with our dog Murphy is so much better because of her work with him. He was impossible to walk (he picked up literally everything from the ground), and it was beyond frustrating. In just 3 weeks, Emily taught Murphy (and us!) alternative behaviors, so we’re finally able to enjoy our walks with Murphy. Thank you for everything, Emily!


JM & Michael