Puppy Socials at Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods!

Pup Social Flyers

I’m excited to announce my collaboration with Jeffrey’s Natural Pet Foods!  Starting November 2nd, I’ll be supervising puppy socials at their Duboce Park location from 5-6pm each week.

These socials are capped at 5 puppies. This means more 1:1 time with me learning about the body language of play, how to teach your puppy to have good play skills, and a calm environment for you pup to start dipping his toes into the socializing pool.

You’ll also receive free samples of Jeffrey’s food for your pup and my advice on behavior challenges you may be experiencing with your pooch.

Contact me with any questions.

See ya there, puppy people!



Pocket’s Story

This lil guy was literally handed to me while I was walking through SoMa the other day. He was only 8 weeks old. “Do you want to take him?” his guardians asked. I laughed and said “I wish.” “No, we’re serious.” They had seen the SPCA logo on my shirt so they knew I was involved with rehoming animals. “We’re in town visiting from Vegas, and we can’t find a hotel that will allow him. We were just going to leave him tied up here. He’s cute. Someone will take him.”

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