Pocket’s Story

This lil guy was literally handed to me while I was walking through SoMa the other day. He was only 8 weeks old. “Do you want to take him?” his guardians asked. I laughed and said “I wish.” “No, we’re serious.” They had seen the SPCA logo on my shirt so they knew I was involved with rehoming animals. “We’re in town visiting from Vegas, and we can’t find a hotel that will allow him. We were just going to leave him tied up here. He’s cute. Someone will take him.”

He was about to be left on the street, like millions of other dogs every year.

This is where the conversation ended. I said I would take him, although I had no idea what I was going to do with him. What I did know is that I would not leave him to be abandoned on the side of the road.

They handed me the pup, a small bag of food, and a baby blue doggie t-shirt with a rhinestone bone on it. We thanked each other and went our separate ways. They went to find a hotel, and I went about my day, puppy in arms.

My colleagues and I named the pup Pocket, since he was tiny enough to fit into the front pocket of my sweater. Pocket was stressed by the ordeal. He was shaking, whining, and hypervigilant. After about an hour, and a lot of treats, he started to loosen up and show his true, sweet colors.

I spent the day carrying him around, partially to socialize him, but mainly to find an adopter. Five people were very interested in bringing him home, but none of them worked out. We eventually brought Pocket to Animal Care and Control (the SPCA was filled to capacity), where he was adopted into a loving home in no time!

Being unable, or unwilling, to care for your dog is nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to the best of us. Living situations change, financial situations change, feelings about having a dog change, and your dog’s behavior can change. What doesn’t change is your dog’s need for a loving home.

In situations where rehoming is the best solution, please do so responsibly. Your dog’s life and wellbeing depend on it.

Here are a few rehoming options in San Francisco.

San Francisco SPCA

Animal Care and Control

Rocket Dog Rescue

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